To emphasize prized perennials or delineate that rustic pathway to a garden retreat, the CB is the most stylish choice. The CB has a more angular silhouette than some of FX’s other grand Path Lights and is still able to mix into the natural surroundings. The CB can be used in conjunction with its little sister the BD for design flexibility and style consistency.

Виды покрытия
BZ / DG / WI / SB / FB / WG / FW / AL / CU / AB / AT / NP

Габариты: Габаритная высота 16,2"/41,2 см   Наружная ширина 7,4"/18,8 см        

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Верх. часть в сборе
Тип стойки
Вариант Luxor
Конфиг. светодиодов
Высота стойки
- +
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Number of LEDs 1 3 ZDC
Halogen Lumen
Output Equivalent
10 Watt 20 Watt 10 Watt
Useful LED Life (L70) 50,000 hrs avg 50,000 hrs avg 50,000 hrs avg
Input Voltage 10 to 15V 10 to 15V 11 to 15V
VA Total
(Use this number to
size the transformer)
2.4 4.5 7.2
Watts Used 2 4.2 6.0
Lumens per Watt
19 25 26
Max Lumens 39 103 83
CRI (Ra) 86 67 84
    Amber Filter 2700K 2700K N/A
    Green Filter 4500K 4500K N/A
    Blue Filter 5200K 5200K N/A

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